There is no denying that California is a lovely state to live in. This is where many celebrities stay. Not to mention, there are many highways, which means there is going to be some accidents. If you drive, then you may get in an accident. Never say never, because you can never predict an automobile accident. If we were able to, then there would not be so many going on. What do you think about CA vehicle insurance? Are you under the impression that you are paying too much? If you believe you are paying too much for your coverage, then chances are, you are right. It never hurts to look around and see what other companies are charging for the same type of coverage you are currently paying for. This way, you will have a general idea of ​​what you should be paying. When we first did this, we […]

When you go out in the world with your new car, you want o make sure that you have two things with you, those things are your license and your auto insurance, if you do not yet have your insurance, you want to make sure that You go around and start looking for auto insurance comparisons. If you are looking for your insurance you are probably looking for a cheap policy that will give you everything you need. Many people do not believe these exist, but the truth is that they are out there; You just have to know where to look. The best place to start your search is online. In the old days, you would not have this option, so seeing that it is available to you today, you may as well take advantage of it. In the old days the only way you were going to find […]

Auto Insurance Quotes comparison should include a few more steps than checking your wallet. First is to get all the information presented to you in order, this means getting accurate quotes in the first place. If you did not give the company your cars make and model as well as your driving record, chances are you were given a ballpark quote that may be a lot more, or less, than you will pay. Often insurance companies give ballpark ranges of their lowest paying customers in order to entice you to join, only to nail you with much higher premiums later. Getting your insurance quotes on an apple to apple basis can be hard, not all insurance policies are the same. The main factors to compare are bodily injury, property damage, collision coverage and uninsured motorist coverage. Personal injury protection is also favored by many people as it ensures full coverage. […]

know it sounds too good to be true…and depending how you take the title…it is. This article is meant for people that don’t have insurance and need to go to the doctor, dentist, specialist, etc. This is not meant to be interpreted by you as good ole Don has another loophole for us that lets us cancel our insurance and still get cheap medical bills. That’s just not the case. If you don’t have insurance and you need to go to the doctor here is what you do. I will use a dentist office for this example. Say you need to have your wisdom teeth pulled. What you do is call up the dentist and ask them for a free consultation visit. (Most dentist offices will do this for you. If your particular one doesn’t, call around until you find one that does.) Now, when you go to the dentist […]

Not long ago, I got an email from a gentleman wishing to set up a mobile oil change business in Florida. He was concerned about what sort of insurance he might need and was under the impression that a 1 million dollar commercial liability policy was needed up and beyond his work truck vehicle commercial auto policy. Okay so, let’s talk about this; is he correct? It turns out that he most definitely is, you see commercial auto is not the same as completed operations or the potential liability while working. For instance, if a car catches on fire that you are working on, your commercial auto policy isn’t going to cover it. Do you see that point? So, this is the advice I explained to him; You will need most likely want to get a commercial insurance policy; $1 million aggregate, 300K per occurrence general liability, with a “garage […]

One of the largest risks facing small business owners is a failure to ensure an adequate level of insurance cover for their company – this is particularly true of small businesses who may not quite have the resources to cope with the large financial losses which may be suffered as a result of ‘underinsurance’. A UK study recently estimated that around 80% of businesses may actually be underinsured, and this figure is only likely to rise given the unprecedented volume of new businesses which are forming by the day in the UK. As commercial insurance can be a somewhat dry and complicated topic, it is often overlooked by business owners eager to focus their efforts on lead generation, sales, customer service and production. This is an understandable, yet extremely dangerous view to take, particularly in the modern era. Unfortunately, claiming that you were ‘unaware’ that you lacked the correct insurance […]

If you are a citizen of the Northwest as you know winter can be one of the harshest times of the year. As the winter storm that did thousands of thousands of dollars of damage to home through the Northwest proved it's not only snow that you have to worry about but the ice, wind and rain as well. In the winter of 2008 thousands of people across the Northwest felt the shock of the winter season take hold as they lost power, become stranded in many areas, or even suffered from structural damage to their homes from both the environment and their surroundings (such as Trees, power poles and out-of-control cars). For homeowners without a home insurance plan or adequate protection this meant not only different loss in damages but also the loss of a functional, warm living space that could potentially save them from the cold. In the […]

So, you’re ready to knit your first baby blanket. You’ve oohed and aah-ed over pictures of sweet, soft, and comfy blankets that are perfect to snuggle a sweet little baby. You’ve walked the aisles of your favorite yarn store and felt every pastel yarn there is, testing the softness. You’ve fantasized about holding your precious bundle in a blanket you handcrafted with your own two hands or you’ve basked in the admiration you’ll receive as your friend opens your gift at the next baby shower. Then reality hits. You have an idea of the perfect hand-knit blanket but a few ‘minor details’ are missing — like what size this blanket should be. This is a good question and unless you have a great deal of experience with knitting or babies or both, you’re probably at a loss as to what to do next. Blanket Sizes When it comes to baby […]

There isn’t any dog breed that is completely free from inheritable genetic defects, but the Siberian Husky has the fewest health problems of all breeds. The Husky enjoys generally good health and temperament, but there are still health problems that you should look out for. The good news is that the Siberian Husky Club of America or SHCA has kept an eye on potential genetic problems and taken positive action for the general health and well being of the breed. Since 1965 this organization has been tasked with being aware of genetic problems and alert breeders before the defects can spread. Because of the SHCA the two greatest areas of concern that have been found for the Siberian Husky is canine hip dysplasia and inheritable eye disease. However, with proper care and monitoring you can attempt to avoid these conditions in your dog and help them to live a long, […]

There is always a lot of pride in owning your own company, but there is also a great deal of responsibility, work and hassle. Here’s how to tell if owning an insurance agency might have enough benefits for you to outweigh the liabilities. Every employee has had the experience of looking at their boss and/or the owner of their company and thinking “I could do this so much better than you.” If you find yourself thinking this too often, you may soon find yourself looking into actually starting a business. And if you’ve got experience working in the insurance or financial products industries, as so many people do, then you are probably considering starting your own insurance agency. Let’s start off with some clarifications. Any small business is either going to be an independent insurance agency (which sells policies from a number of major insurance companies) or a “captive” agency, […]